Quantum Key West - Sunday 20th Jan

Quantum Key West - Sunday 20th Jan

All three race course areas were buzzing today on the eve of Quantum Key West as teams took advantage of the light breeze and flat waters to tune up and square up to their opponents.

In Class C, the High Performance fleet run under the new High Performance Rule (HPR), which includes five Farr 400s and which took no time in lining up with each other in 7-9 knots of wind as practising got under way.

"If today was anything to go by there's going to be some very close racing in this group during the week," said Hannes Waimer of Premier Composite Technologies, who build the Farr 400 and who will be helming his own boat, Team Premier throughout the event.

"Apart from the close competition with the other 400's, we're going to be up against the Carkeek 40's, which provided some close competition in Annapolis last October. In that event we seemed to have a performance edge in the lighter conditions with the Carkeek taking the upper hand as the breeze built. Given the range of forecast conditions for this week, it looks like the racing could be very close indeed, just what the fleet wants."

Quantum Key West starts on Monday and runs through to Friday and comprises 10 races.

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