Perfect Conditions Make For Tactical First Day For Farr 400 Fleet

Perfect Conditions Make For Tactical First Day For Farr 400 Fleet

Perfect conditions m​ake for tactical fir​st day for Farr 400 ​fleet​

Perfect conditions make for tactical first day

Light winds, flat seas and solid sunshine may have looked like the perfect gentle opener to Quantum Key West, but for the crews the conditions made for tricky tactical racing in the Farr 400 fleet. A poor, misjudged or unnecessary tack came with a heavy tariff today, as did an untidy gybe or a scruffy drop at the leeward gate. With the five-strong fleet breathing down each other’s necks, a small mistake was all it took to see fortunes changes hands quickly. The result was some tight racing and tired bodies come the end of the day.

The Farr 400 fleet is racing within the High Performance class in a fleet of nine boats, a good test for the One Design 40 footers. Here SANTA, steered by ex-America's Cup skipper Jesper Bank, led the Farr 400 field in both races to finish the day in 3rd overall in the handicap fleet.

But the Farr 400 class has an owner/driver rule, which excludes Bank and his team from the One Design results. So at the end of Day 1 it was Hannes Waimer’s TEAM PREMIER that led the Farr 400 One Design overall results scoring a first and second in the two races of the day.

Tuesday’s weather forecast promises a change in gear with 12-14 knots in store with conditions set to build further by Wednesday.

The perfect build to a perfect start.

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