Quantum Key West - Day 2, Perfect Conditions Only Marred By Lobsters!

Quantum Key West - Day 2, Perfect Conditions Only Marred By Lobsters!

Conditions went up a notch or two for Tuesday’s racing with a steady breeze of 14-18 knots from the north and perfect flat water conditions. Quantum Key West was ramping up with more promised for Wednesday.

In the first of two races in the one design class, George Collins took the first bullet of the day after sailing a tidy race before going on to nail the second race as well, to take a big march on the rest of the fleet. Collins’ current score line includes three firsts and a third.

Lying second overall after two days racing, Team Premier also had a neat score line, albeit one that the team were less proud of. A first, second, third and fourth might be easy to remember but Hannes Waimer’s crew were less keen to dwell on the last result of the day after hooking one of the many lobster pots in the course area. Within seconds the boat speed plummeted from 15 knots to zero in a matter of seconds as the boat came to a grinding, bow down halt. Sending a crew member over the side to free the boat was their only escape.

Hooking pots has been a common feature of the opening two days. Claus Landmark’s team aboard Santa also snagged a pot but were able to back off without puting someone in the water. Nevertheless, the abrupt stop saw them score an uncharacteristic 8th in an otherwise perfect string of thirds in the HPR class. They currently lie in 4th place overall in the HPR fleet, with Chessie Racing currently lying in third.

Wednesday sees a further step up the breeze scale with breezes up in the high teens. Little surprise that no one’s complaining.

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