"The asymmetric deck layout follows modern Grand Prix race boat practice for high efficiency and fast maneouvres. A primary grinder pedestal system allows for high speed spinnaker gybes, sail hoists and string line spinnaker drops. These efficiencies combined with the high stability hull form and ballast package allow the boat to be raced successfully with an intended crew of 8.
Constuction utilizes the latest materials and techniques to maximize performance within reasonable ownership costs, including infused carbon fibre hull and deck. The composite sheathed metal fin keel with lead bulb is retractable from its high performance 2.9m sailing draft to 1.98m to improve harbor access and docking and is easily removed for transportation. The steering system and carbon rudder have been designed to accommodate both tiller and twin wheel steering.”


The carbon pedestal and two carbon primary winches are the heart of the FARR 400. These tools allow for TP52 style racing. The power and line speed that is generated by this combination allow for ultra-fast hoists, gybes, and douses.


  • The Farr 400 is aggressively designed deck for function and aesthetics.
  • Asymmetric starboard cabin side to allow direct line pit functions minimizing line friction.
  • Aerodynamic and comfortable sheer radius detail
  • Generous oversized cockpit
  • Proven winch spacing and general layout based on GP42.


Pedestal driven primary winches include:

  • Superior winch speed on asymmetric spinnaker gybes.
  • Winch driven spinnaker hoist.
  • Spinnaker takedown line drive system.
  • The Primary winch based keel lifting system is available with minimal purchase.